The link between your Jaw and your Pelvis

When I found out about the incredible inter-connection between the Jaw and Pelvic Floor it blew my mind. There is a direct physiological link between the jaw and the pelvis. This means that if your Jaw and throat are relaxed then your pelvic area will be more relaxed. During labour and birth this relaxation will help the cervix to do it's thing and open! There are ways to practice releasing jaw tension to prepare for labour and birth. Here are my top tips for relaxing your jaw during pregancy and birth. 


  1. Simply practice daily awareness of how you’re holding your jaw. This is a brilliant start. Being more mindful and aware of the daily tension in your jaw will likely make it more natural to think about during labour. 
  2. When you notice your jaw is tense, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, relaxing your jaw as your breathe out. Allow your jaw to hang and don’t clench your jaw. Learning and practicing deep breathing techniques can help to relax the face and jaw. I cover breathing techniques on my Hypnobirthing courses.
  3. Practice relaxation. Practice relaxing your muscles during pregnancy so this can become second nature. You can do this laid down or seated. Each time you breathe out, focus on releasing your muscles one by one. 



  1. When you’re in labour, how you use your voice and the noises you make can be really helpful in keeping calm and comfortable. During contractions, particularly during the later stage and when its time to move baby down and out, try and make deep voiced groans rather than screaming. High pitched noises like screams will keep the jaw tense, whereas low/deep groans and moans will keep the throat and jaw loose which helps the pelvis and birth canal to relax and open more easily. You could say, the noises that helped get baby in can also help move baby out. And don’t worry the midwives have heard it all!