"I really enjoyed my hypnobirthing sessions with Sahar and feel like they gave me confidence in the lead up to the birth of my second child. I had previously read some hypnobirthing material during my first pregnancy but having Sahar go through everything with me and the ability to ask her questions, was fantastic. Sahar was open to any difficult questions and would often come back to me with more detailed answers following each of our sessions. I was also given additional materials and guidance and got so much more from it than when I had attempted it on my own. 

I ended up going into labour at night when my eldest child was asleep. Hypnobirthing allowed me to stay calm and create the most beneficial environment for me to get through the contractions /surges. Although the birth wasn’t as expected and I required medical intervention, I was able to calmly breathe through the surges and stayed at home until I was in established labour. Because of what I had learned from the sessions, I did not panic and my eldest stayed asleep throughout my contractions. I also felt empowered in relation to my decision making at hospital and also voicing my wishes during and after labour. I can’t recommend the sessions with Sahar enough and feel that they gave me the confidence I needed to have a more positive birthing experience."